The Dark

The Cado Angelus

The Cado Angelus are fallen angels. They have been outcasts for over ten millennia and have spent that time plotting and enacting their revenge. Their first effort fell short when Isabella Calabria led a rebellion that led to her disappearance, but they are nothing if not patient and they know that their time will come.

Stephen Grainger

A man for whom torture isn’t torture unless you’re the one carrying it out. Henry VIII’s last Roman Catholic bishop of Winchester is a man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. These qualities were recognised by the Cado Angelus. He is now their roving inquisitor, a role that brings him into frequent conflict with Father Eamon.

Dark Horsemen

Former cavalrymen who died on ancient battlefields. On their death the Cado Angelus gave them the option to serve them. If they said yes, they became dark horsemen and roamed the twilight world doing their new masters bidding. If they said no they disappeared into Newgate Gaol.

Gentle Men

No one knows where the Gentle Men come from. They appear in a misty haze and disappear just as quickly. Just prey you’re not around when they choose to take a walk.

Black Monks

Confined to Newgate Gaol, they follow their masters bidding, devising ever more ingenious ways to torture the poor unfortunates who have fallen in to the hands of the Cado Angelus. Not that they need their masters bidding for this, it’s just what they do.