The Light

Emma Elliott

A 27-year old City professional and newly dead. She has landed in twilight London, a world of fear and consequences, where she has to come to terms with her responsibility for a family tragedy. Then she discovers that she could be the one person who can save the world.

Father Eamon Fitzgerald

A 400-year old priest and Emma’s guide. He served his community in Ireland until his death from fever. Now he serves a higher power. He travels back to London for the first time in 200 years for Emma.

Taryn Lucas

Emma’s best friend as a child until they drifted apart after a serious accident. Tall, blonde and the most popular girl in school when she was alive, Taryn had led a charmed life. Dead now for 18 months but still in twilight London, meeting Emma opens up old wounds.

Sister Ignacia

Spanish, fiery but never without a smile on her face. She is a veteran of the twilight world and Taryn’s guide. Her empathy and caring nature hide deep scars left by a brutal childhood.

Isabella Calabria

A woman who led an army and became a legend. She fought for the side of light against the forces of darkness. Her disappearance at the height of the battle of Dresden forced an uneasy truce.

Rodolfo Gaetano

A man of whom many things are said but little is known. Rumour has it that he was Isabella Calabria’s tutor. Hero to some, heretic to others, Rodolfo disappeared some years after the final battle. For all that time he has been looking for Isabella’s successor. Now he thinks he has found her in Emma.


An Archangel who leads the Angelic Horde. In another world her flawless skin and dirty blonde hair would stop traffic. Here her stature comes from her age and experience.

The Cordoban Council

When the Cado Angelus revolted, they were met head on by a hard core of angels bitterly opposed to their insurrection. After a brutal, drawn out, campaign, the Cado Angelus were defeated and these angels, now called the Cordoban Council, have kept a watchful eye on them ever since.

Brother Ugo

Monk, mystic, man of letters. Brother Ugo has been around for almost as long as the Cordoban Council. His advice is sought by many but heeded by few. Soon his wisdom will be essential for the survival of the human race.