Isabella’s Heiress follows the now deceased Emma as she finds herself in a strange twilight version of London. While there she quickly realizes that there is a battle going on between the Good Angels and the Bad Angels. With the help of Father Emon and childhood best friend Taryn, whom she reunites with in death, Emma goes to battle to restore peace. Will Emma realize her true potential to be a hero in her new world?

Isabella’s Heiress is a supernatural thriller. I enjoyed reading this book. I love following Emma’s story as she battles her way through her new city. Not only is she battling against evil but herself. Through the battling, she starts to work through her inner demons that she has long forgotten about. The story touches on forgiveness which is a powerful thing, in order to move on and be free you have to forgive. Forgiving is hard than it seems especially when you need to forgive yourself.

I enjoyed reading Isabella’s Heiress. It’s not a quick read which is different from the books I have read lately. Even though it’s not a quick read it’s not a hard read. It’s a great story to read. There is a lot of hidden themes and life gems, which makes the story even better. Isabella’s Heiress is the first book in the series.


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