Isabella’s Heiress was the result of too many nightshifts and not enough sleep.

The idea originated with two characters, Emma Elliott and Father Eamon, who met in a dusty back street warehouse. When I finally got around to putting my ideas down on paper, this became the starting point for the first chapter ‘The Meeting in the Mist’.

From there the story opened up pretty much organically with just the occasional push from myself. Characters such as Taryn and Sister Ignacia introduced themselves at the appropriate times whilst others found themselves dragged in at times when the story had something or someone missing.

The locations chose themselves, particularly when you have a city with as colourful history as London, and I was spoilt for choice when it came to which events to use. In the end the story dictated where the characters went and what they saw.

With regards to the story itself, was there a climatic battle of Dresden? To be honest, not that I can find. That having been said, whilst I might have taken some artistic licence with the events, it is certainly true to say that the thirty-year war has shaped Europe in ways that are still being felt today.

These events, combined with the more fantastic elements of the story, are what I have tried to use to bring Isabella’s Heiress to life.

I guess it’s down to you, the reader, to decide whether I have pulled it off.