Emma Elliot used to be a British Attorney with a normal life, until one day her life was brought to an abrupt, untimely end. She wakes up in a place that she is told is the realm between heaven and hell, and with every new move she makes in her new reality, she becomes more confused than ever before. It’s not long before she makes friends, and in time discovers that this world she now resides has more danger than she could’ve imagined. While wrestling with the problems and attachments to her old life, Emma must also deal with the enormous part she is about to play in this epic journey.

One of the things that stands out the most in Isabella’s Heiress is how this fantasy story is set in the wonderful city of London. This novel ties together the modern day world with a fantasy realm perfectly, and it makes it all the more fun to read. The novel is not only exciting and thrilling to read, but it also contains themes like forgiveness, and calls all the readers to understand the importance of forgiving others but also yourself. This book is very well written and shoulder appeal to everyone who likes reading supernatural thrillers. It isn’t a quick read, but it’s not hard to read at all. Isabella’s Heiress gets **** stars.


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